Dr. Deborah Frances, RN ND / Beautiful Little Dancing Crow

Sage advice for the modern world

Shamanism & Spiritual Healing

Through the intercession of Spirit Guides, the shamanic practitioner is able to journey yarrowinward to various Spiritual Worlds to seek healing. Through this process, negative energies that may be pulling on a person’s life force can be extracted, lost soul parts may be returned and spiritual connection and protection can be restored.


One Woman’s Experience

When a 52 year old woman’s high blood pressure was unresponsive to treatment, I suggested we try some shamanic journeying.  In the middle of her third session, my animal spirit guide led me to what is known as the Lower World.  Here I was shown a little girl part that had been separated from this woman since childhood.  This was the part of her that could laugh and play easily and relax and let go.  The woman’s overly strict upbringing had not allowed a space for this easygoing, happy go lucky part of her, so it could never incarnate.  The little girl part was eager to reunite with the woman, so with the help of my animal guide, I brought her back, then blew her into the woman’s heart and crown.

I did not hear from her again until six weeks later when she called to say her blood pressure had been totally normal since the last session and she felt great.


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