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Sage advice for the modern world

Dreamwork / Dream Body Work

“Individual life is so fragile that without a stable connection to a deeper reality we are blown about in the wind.” One of the methods to alleviate the fear and suffering inherent within this fragile isolation is to admit our weakness and call on help from within.

  • Jane Cichetti, Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy: Archetypal Dimensions of Healing, 2003. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, p. 94. 


andreas-wagner-43674Although the images in our dreams may seem chaotic and senseless to the waking mind, our nightly dreams are rich with guidance, wisdom and healing. Through psychologist Carl Jung’s technique of Active Imagination, a process very similar to shamanic journeying, the gems hidden in the mythic language of our dreams can be release to the aid us in our quest for health and wholeness.

The same process can be used to communicate with the body by journeying into symptoms.

The process of Active Imagination relies more on the associations the dreamer has for the material in the dream than to any outside interpretation. My job as facilitator is to call on my many years of experience to guide the process.  Although I may offer insights it is always the dreamer who decides which perspective has merit.


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