Dr. Deborah Frances, RN ND / Beautiful Little Dancing Crow

Sage advice for the modern world


Some excerpts from Practical Wisdom in Natural Healing:

Page 7

“The laws of nature are immutable.  As much as we might like to believe otherwise, these laws cannot be manipulated to suit our fancies.  When we choose to separate ourselves from nature in the delusion that we can successfully dominate and dishonor her laws, we eventually reap the consequences of our actions.”

Page 25 Aralia spp.

“… the inviting beauty of Aralia seems to welcome us closer, as if her inner strength is sufficient to handle whatever comes her way.  This gentle grandmother enables us to trust our boundaries and inner resources enough to open up and be receptive to life and the relationships it offers, with all their ups and downs.”


Pages 109 Hawthorne for Asthma

“… 30 drops of a tincture of Hawthorne can be taken as often as needed for acute bronchospasm.  Acute symptoms of dyspnea (difficulty breathing) will often be relieved within 3-5 doses.”

Page 136 Homeopathy and Broken Bones

 “For broken bones, homeopathic Arnica should be alternated with Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C which is taken every 4 hours or more as needed for bone pain.  This remedy is so effective at relieving fracture pain that the need for pharmaceutical medication is often circumvented altogether.”

Page 163 Healing the Soul

“Our loss of connection to all that is Sacred in Nature has resulted in a cultural travesty that directly affects our health.  The ensuing lack of ritual honoring of important physical life transitions has a significant impact on our physical well being.”



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