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Conference Calls

Reweaving the Web of Creation

With Dr. Deborah Frances RN, ND aka Dancing Crow

Six weeks of Teachings and Shamanic Journeys to Inspire, Reconnect and Bring Healing to Us All

6:30-8:00pm on Conference Call, every other Tuesday with October 6th – December 15th

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About This Series…
“Dancing Crow,” my Lakota teacher said to me years ago. “In times of breakdown and loss, we are called to create.”

We are in an ending cycle, where an old era dies away to become compost for the next, and as impossible as it looks, there is rebirth coming. Just as prophecies foretold these times, so too do they tell us of the time to follow; Hindu, Maya, Chinese, Native American, all promise rebirth.

Easy to say, but the challenges of these times can be terrifying, confusing and overwhelming to say the least!

In answer to our global crises, I am drawing on the teachings of my Lakota ancestry and other traditions worldwide to bring hope, inspiration and courage as well as insight to lighten the way. I am grateful for the wise teachings of my Elders and of the ancestors and I am deeply honored by the opportunity to share what wisdom I have gleaned with each of you.

I will be including shamanic journeys and herbal wisdom as well as traditional teachings in each session.

Indigenous traditions place great emphasis on the importance of giving back and supporting the Elders. There is no charge for conference calls but donations of any size are hugely appreciated.

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Talks will also be recorded and posted online.

I am available for counseling and shamanic healing sessions over the phone, as well as some naturopathy.  Appointments may be made by calling 971-322-9626. Messages may be left at that number if I do not answer.

Please join us and help spread the word so others can share with us.

May Beauty Surround You,

Beautiful Little Dancing Crow aka Deborah Frances ND

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You may also go to YouTube to view Dancing Crow’s video entitled “Dream the Good Dream”

Topics to be Discussed

Subject to change per listener request

·       Healing the Wounds of Separation

·       Finding our purpose in tumultuous times

·       Power of Gratitude

·       The Art of Dreaming: Power of Imagination to affect change and bring healing (Australian Aboriginal Teachings)

·       Healing Blame / Integrating Compassion

·       Power of Vulnerability, Humility of Surrender

·       Ancestors as Source of Strength and Guidance

·       Teachings of the Medicine Wheel: Guide to walking through cycles of life overview

·       West: Introspection, Letting go, Dreamtime, Planting Seeds

·       North: Wisdom, Elders, Regeneration

·       East: Rebirth, Illumination

·       South: Innocence, Trust, Vulnerability, Openness, Playfulness

Please feel free to email us at dancingcrowherbs@yahoo.com if you have topics you’d like to see us address.