Dr. Deborah Frances, RN ND / Beautiful Little Dancing Crow

Sage advice for the modern world



Naturopath and Elder, Dr. Deborah Frances RN, ND / Beautiful Little Dancing Crow began her career as a registered nurse before graduating form naturopathic medical school in 1993.  She ran a full family practice in rural Oregon for many years where she primarily utilized herbal and homeopathic medicine as well as counseling and shamanic healing for her patients.  She has been a popular lecturer at herbal and naturopathic conferences across the country in addition to teaching private classes in herbal medicine, shamanism and dreamwork.  She has served as adjunct faculty at both Bastyr University in Seattle WA and her alma mater in Portland, Oregon, the National University of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Frances’ / Dancing Crow’s approach to healing is strongly influenced by the Earth centered traditional teachings of her Lakota ancestry.

Contact via phone: 971-322-9626 or email: deborah.frances@yahoo.com