Dr. Deborah Frances, RN ND / Beautiful Little Dancing Crow

Sage advice for the modern world



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The Healing Power of Nature

Whether I act in my role as a naturopathic physician or a shamanic practitioner, whether I use a stethoscope or a rattle, my work is based in my deep commitment to Mother Earth and All My Relatives in the Natural World to bring the greatest healing available for each client in a way that is gentle and keeping with the good of all Creation.

At my best, I am no more than a midwife whose job is to free the life force within so that Practical Wisdom in Natural Healinghealing can progress.

I offer a free 10 minute phone consult for all new clients.

Contact me at 971-322-9626 (leave a message and calls will be returned within 24-48 hours) or by emailing deborah.frances@yahoo.com.


60 minutes: $125

45 minutes: $95

30 minutes: $75

15 minutes: $45

Payment via PayPal due at day of appointment. Send payments to deborah.frances@yahoo.com on Paypal.


Contact via phone: 971-322-9626 or email: deborah.frances@yahoo.com