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DancingCrow photos 001“If you talk to the animals
  they will talk to you
 and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them
you will not know them,
and what you do not know

 you will fear. 
What one fears,
One destroys.”

– Chief Dan George , Northwest Coast Salish


All of nature communicates through a nonverbal process that was once as natural to humans as it is to animals.

Cooperation, compassion, flexibility, and respect are essential prerequisites for healthy relationship with any species. Communication with our fellow beings, human or otherwise, should involve plenty of give and take with plenty of open hearted, open minded listening, as well as sending and speaking. Healthy relationships of any kind are not ruled by dominator thinking. With animals it is essential that we drop the common delusion that we humans are superior. When we approach our nonhuman relatives with humility and respect, emptying our minds of any preconceptions, we create a sacred space that heals us, heals our relationship to nature and brings healing to the animals who so want us to hear their messages.

Dr. Frances first developed her abilities in cross species communication during a serious long illness during which the animals who came and shared their language provided a large part of the healing that enabled her to recover.


A Story : April Moon

Cynthia wanted to be sure that April, a twelve year old quarter horse mare, was okay Aprilforweb (2)with the idea of coming home with me.

“I work with an animal communicator who has a PhD in psychology,” she said. “I want to have her talk to April before I let her go home with you. It’s only fair to let her have a say as well.” I had been going out to the little ranch to get acquainted with April for a couple weeks and I really liked her but as it turned out April had been handed around a few times before arriving at Cynthia’s four years earlier. Although she clearly liked me, she felt grief at having to leave yet another home and the horses and people she loved and had bonded to.
I really liked April and she seemed genuinely fond of me, but her grief at leaving her secure and happy home for places unknown created some ambivalence for her about relocating yet again. Sending pictures from my mind, I shared with her about my mare Rosa’s illness and her inability to get out on the trails and about her yearling colt Waku, who was a royal handful.
With only two weeks left before the scheduled appointment with the animal communicator, the pressure was on. I sent pictures to April like crazy, but the response was always the same. Yes she wanted to come with me, but no, oh no, she didn’t want to leave home. We kept talking back and forth, but the conflict remained unresolved, until I said to her imploringly,
“April, I really need you. Waku is such a handful and Rosa is so sick, I need you to help me with him. You’ll have an important job. I really need your help.”
For the first time I felt something shift in April and I realized how important it is for all of us to know that our lives have purpose and that we are contributing to the world around us.
“April,” I pleaded. “If you come home with me, you will become part of my family. We don’t sell our relatives. I promise, you will have a lifelong home with me. There will be no more moving from one home to another.”
That sealed it. The combination of a sense of purpose and a permanent home convinced her and I felt it.
When the animal communicator connected with April telepathically from another state a few days later, April told her she was committed to going with me and that I had promised her a lifelong home, a piece of information I had not shared with anyone but her.


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