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Sage advice for the modern world


Reweaving The Web of Creation: Conference Calls with Dancing Crow


These talks were originally offered via teleconference on Zoom to a live audience. They include teachings, live question and answer, shamanic journeys / guided meditations, and group song. If you aren’t able to listen live, you are encouraged to receive the journeys and meditations, and to sing along as you listen.


Make certain to turn your volume up high. For various reasons, the audio might come through quieter than you expect.


Indigenous traditions place great emphasis on the importance of giving back and supporting the Elders. There is no charge for conference calls but donations of any size are hugely appreciated.

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4/21/20 : Self Soul Retrieval: Negotiating Emotions in Tumultuous Times

5/5/20: The Power of Gratitude

5/19/20: From Crisis to Opportunity: Covid, Conspiracy Theories and Polarization

6/2/20: The Healing Power of Nature: Stories and Ceremony

6/16/20: Transcending the Victim-Oppressor Archetype

6/30/20: Redeeming the Sacred Feminine from Adam and Eve

7/24/20: Continued Exploration of Adam and Eve

8/4/20: Journey With the Goddesses

10/6/20: Whose Wound is it, Anyway? Maturing out of the Childhood Game of Hot Potato

10/20/20: Herbs for Stamina, Strength and Endurance and a Journey with Elk

11/4/20: The Role of Negative Thinking in Bringing Balance

11/17/20: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine in Women’s Health and Women’s Bodies